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Hope your Ramadan is going well and damn its almost over. It’s literally flown by! But if you haven’t already try and make the most of the last few days remaining because who knows if you’ll be here to experience another. You could never do enough but do why you can do and are able to do.

I know in the last post I said how I’d be posting a new post in a few days but honestly after tarahwih I just feel shattered and plus I’m lazy lol. This year has been tiring I thought I’d have time to blog and blog often but I didn’t realise how difficult it would be and how tired I’d get.

But anyway, let me tell you a story.

A few months back I had to get my passport made in a day as it was urgent so I had 4hours to kill so walked around London and got lost a bit too, but I went wondering. I ended up at Westminster pier and sat opposite were the London eye is. At that time I was really down and had things going on in my head and was feeling pretty crappy and I’m one person who’s emotions shows through my face and I become really restless and fidgety. So I was sat thinking and I was fidgeting with a bottle cap or something and there was this man he walked pass me and said ‘cheer up’ he must’ve been looking at me from a distance to realise. So anyway this man was heavy on his feet and had a huge grey beard and a long coat and beanie on I assumed he was homeless by the way he was dressed. So anyway as he walked pass he said ‘cheer up’ and I gave him a smile as he went off. A few minutes later it was time for me to go and I saw the same man raiding the bin I walked pass and he was like ‘have a good day’ and I smiled. I took a few steps and it didn’t really sink in as to what I had just seen. I stopped. The man who told me to cheer up is raiding the bin? what? My initial thought was shall I give him some change? But then who knows what he would spend it on.  I knew one thing for sure that f i hadn’t given the man anything I would’ve regretted it the whole day.  I then remembered I had a bar of chocolate in my bag so I walked up to the man at the bin and handed it to him, and as He was delighted. He said  ‘thank you, cheer up okay? Have a good day’ I smiled and said ‘ You too’ as I walked away from him tears instantly filled my eyes. How could a man who’s raiding the bins tell me to cheer up?

In a matter of just a minute it made me realise how minute my problems were. A man who knows nothing about me and who i witnessed raiding the bin told me to cheer up. My problems are nothing compared to what he probably is/was going through. The man who can’t afford to feed himself is telling me to cheer up and to have a good day. It just shows that appreciate what you have and the small problems you’re going through because there are people out there who have it a lot worse than we do. I know that saying is hated but its true. We will find solutions to our problems but there’s people out there who are going through things we wouldnt imagine and its so much more difficult for them to find a solution. We have everything to be grateful for. We have friends and family that love us, we have food ready to be eaten as soon as we get home, we have a roof over our head, and most importantly we have God.

Never forget your blessings and the happiness in your life. We all will be put through trials and tests but that’s part of the game. No one said it was easy. No matter how cliche this sounds but you’ve just for to be patient and have full faith in Allah (SWT). No matter how much we want something and no matter how much we plan His plan is far better. So just have sabr if things aren’t going the way you want and let His plan unfold. When things don’t go the way we want and when things bring us down we forget all the things we have been blessed with and all the happiness we do have in our life. Why do we let one small bump in the road steal all of that away? Why do we stop and concentrate on the obstacles and the negatives? We go through things to learn, to build us stronger.

Tests come at you, one after the other, like bullets. Not to kill you. But to teach you how to master the matrix. – Yasmin Mogahed

We have so much to be happy about but we let people and things steal that away from us. Why? If someone steals your happiness they don’t deserve you to be in their life. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are and who genuinely make you happy. Don’t surround yourself with people who expect you to be a person you’re not because they’ll always bring you down and you yourself would never be happy. Be you, you’re your own person.

I’ve had people come and go from my life I’ve lost people I didn’t think I would but life goes on and you drift apart and things happen. That’s all part of life. Right now I have the closest people to me 100s and 1000s of miles away and no I’m no exaggerating! And some I barely ever get to speak to but time and distance doesn’t mean anything. Those people they make me the happiest and honestly right now I’m probably the most happiest I have ever been. Not only because of awesome people and the most loving family I have in my life its because I’ve learnt to let go of things that don’t need to be held on to and distanced myself from people who’s aim is to bring me down. When you realise the things that do and don’t matter honestly you’ll be happy and when you accept the fact that Gods plan is the greatest your heart will find peace. Don’t ever look for happiness in the big things because that would only leave a temporary happiness. Look for happiness in small things and it’ll make your heart smile and it’ll be those things that later on you’ll remember. So just smile. Be happy no matter how much sometimes it may hurt because even then you’ll find something small to be happy about. Does that make sense? Probably not! But oh well. Just smile. It’s sunnah!

Oh and I’m not telling you to be some happy chap all the time! Its okay to be upset and to cry and to have your days but just think about what you’re upset about is it really worth you being upset over?

I want you to remember one thing and that’s when you feel like you can’t go on remember Allah never moved an inch from you, you moved from Him. You have your greatest weapon and that’s sincere dua. So just make dua from your heart.

And… That’s that!

Wait no…

I’ll leave you with two quotes!

Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, but it only saps today of all joy, so do your best, trust in the Almighty & don’t worry, be happy. – Mufti Ismail Menk

Those who make you smile, thank them. Those who make you cry, tolerate them. Those who make you smile with tears in your eyes, treasure them. – Mufti Ismail Menk



P.S this is a reminder for myself before anyone else!

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A word or two


I know I said that there would be a post up soon there will be! I’m just lazy and just been making most of my days.

Here’s a little something…

“As much as you can, keep dunya (worldly life) in your hand—not in your heart. That means when someone insults you, keep it out of your heart so it doesn’t make you bitter or defensive. When someone praises you, also keep it out of your heart, so it doesn’t make you arrogant and self-deluded. When you face hardship and stress, don’t absorb it in your heart, so you don’t become hopeless and overwhelmed. Instead keep it in your hands and realize that everything passes. When you’re given a gift by God, don’t hold it in your heart. Hold it in your hand so that you don’t begin to love the gift more than the giver. And so that when it is taken away you can truly respond with ‘inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon’: ‘indeed we belong to God, and to God we return’.” – Yasmin Mogahed

I came across the above quote on tumblr and thought I’d share it with y’all.

Anyway, I hope you’re Ramadan is going well 🙂 and we are already half way through! Which is sad. Just got to make the most of the days that we do have left.

That’s all.



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I hope your Ramadhan is going well Insha’Allah. I know I haven’t been frequent with posting but there would be a new post in a day a so!

I have one word of advice and that’s to always surround yourself with people who make you happy and appreciate you.

That’s all 🙂





Salaam 🙂

So today is a little bit controversial and I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while now but never did. I saw something yesterday and though heck let me just get it over with because it’s just getting a little bit ridiculous.

I bet you’re curious to know what I’m going to talk about…

Take a guess.

Go on!

So yesterday I was browsing through Instagram and came across a picture. The problem wasn’t the picture the problem was what people were saying and the way they spoke. It’s not the first time I’ve seen such a thing and it’s not only to one person. The things which were being written by people just made me think:

How can you call someone ugly?

How can you publicly make assumptions about someone’s deen?

How can you call someone a kafir?

How can you publicly slate someone?

How can you say “that’s not hijab”?

How can you make all these judgements on someone and not taken a single glance at yourself?

Imagine yourself in a silent room full of people and someone is shouting and pointing their finger at you and calling you ugly. Think for a second how that would make you feel. How little you’d feel. You can put on an act but those words would hurt you even if it’s the teeny tiniest amount. I don’t understand how someone has the audacity to call someone ugly. It is such a vile word. It honestly blows my mind how people can actually leave comments like that on others pictures and videos. Yes I know they put themselves out there and that they’re bound to get criticism but why would you criticise and humiliate someone publicly? Think is that what Islam teaches? Does Islam really teach for us to publicly point out others faults and imperfections?  Guess what Sherlock, It doesn’t! Before you go slating someone’s hijab and their appearance think of what your religion teaches you… If you want to advice someone then PRIVATELY message them and advice them in a manner which you would like someone to talk to you in. Always try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you react to something despite what it may be. You for sure have no right to say whatever you want. You may not like the way someone looks but that doesn’t give you any right to call them names. I honestly think it’s wrong. If you have nothing nice to say to someone then don’t say anything at all.

We don’t know the battle someone is having with their hijab therefore none of us have the right to make any assumptions whatsoever and say things like “that’s not hijab” “haraam” “that’s wrong”. Imagine a sister thinking of taking her hijab off and you’re commenting saying how she’s so “ugly”, “ewww”, “omg that’s nasty” and “you might as well not wear hijab”. You’re only going to feed shaitan and allow him to win the battle. You’re going to make her feel like she should just take it off and that’s massive. The hijab is merely a piece of cloth on a girl’s head it’s the identity of a muslimah. The way she may be dressed may not be “correct” but we are all learning we are all going through our own battles and I’m sure loads of these girls know exactly what’s right and wrong. They don’t need you shoving criticism down their throats. They don’t need to be constantly publicly told that they’re not dressed correctly and what they’re doing is wrong. They’re old enough to know what is right and wrong and what is haraam and what isn’t. Neither you nor I know the strength of someone’s deen. The way someone is dressed doesn’t tell you and I the state of their Imaan. It doesn’t tell us a single thing about them. Someone could not even wear hijab and have their flesh showing yet their Imaan would be stronger than yours and mine. Islam isn’t about humiliating one another it’s about peace and these comments being left on pictures and videos they just start wars. Keyboard wars. The whole “this isn’t Islam” and other comments along those lines don’t represent Islam either it doesn’t represent what the Prophet (SAW) has taught us. Think we all just need to use the brain we’re given sometimes.

“When you see a female dressed in a manner that is unacceptable islamically, do not for a moment think that she is lower than you spiritually. If you do that, you are lower than her. Believe me, that is the teaching of your religion. She might have a link with her creator that you do not know about. She might have a heart that is tons better than yours. She might have one weakness that is outward, and you have 50 weaknesses that are hidden.”- Mufti Ismail Menk

Something else I’ve seen a few times is calling FELLOW muslimahs a KAFIR. First of all the meaning of a kafir is someone who rejects faith, a non believer. I cannot describe to you how much that irritates me and how angry that makes me. Who are you and I to call a muslimah a kafir? We cannot take this word lightly, there’s no way about it. How do we know what’s in their hearts? How do we know the connection they have with their lord? We don’t have the slightest insight into their Imaan yet we’re quick to call them a Kafir?! In what world does this make sense? In what world is this correct? It is absolutely WRONG!

It is reported on the authority of Ibn `Umar that the Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him) said:

Any person who calls his brother: O Unbeliever! (Then the truth of this label) would return to one of them. If it is true, (then it is) as he asserted, (but if it is not true), then it returns to him (and thus the person who made the accusation is an Unbeliever). [Muslim]

I ask of you for a few things:

  • Never make assumptions on the strength of someone’s deen
  • Never make judgments on someone if you can see part of them that should be covered
  • Never be the one to humiliate someone publicly
  • Never be little someone
  • Never slate someone
  • Always talk and treat people the way you want others to talk to and treat you – this is key. We think we can say what we like but in fact if someone spoke to us the way we spoke to them you’d not like it a single bit.
  • Please use the brain Allah has blessed you with and just T.H.I.N.K


No one’s perfect. Nothing in this dunya is perfect. We are all imperfect and full of flaws, so before you pick out someone else’s flaws have a look at yourself in the mirror and realise how imperfect you are.

I hope this made sense and I don’t even think I’ve covered half of what I wanted but you can kind of guess where I was going with this!

So yeah…

Hope your Ramadan is going well 🙂 and that you’re continuing to put the pounds on 😉 lol.

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could possibly leave me some feedback! It’ll be awesome!

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That’s it!




السلام عليكم



Day two is done and dusted.

The weather here in the UK has been crazy hot and we Brits aren’t use to having such good weather! But Alhamdulilah it’s been nice! Why I’m talking about the weather I don’t know but whatever!

I have a few things to talk about but I’ve  just seen the time and its 11:58pm so I’m going to make this one kind of short and write about what I had planned tomorrow or the day after Inshallah!

I want you to do me a favour and that’s to think back to this morning when you went into your kitchen and got “breakfast” and that moment when you broke your fast – I know you’re probably too tired to even think but well I’m giving you no choice! HA! So think back did the thought of those less fortunate cross your mind even if it was for the slightest second? Did the thought of those who “begin” and “end” their fast with no food or water? I know this wouldn’t have crossed my mind but we forget that this is what this blessed month is all about. It’s about reminding us of those who have less than we do and that should change us somewhat and change our views and ideas on life – sounds dramatic but it should because we need to learn how to appreciate what we have as others could only pray and dream to have what you and I do.

There’s people around the world who fear Allah that they do not want to skip a fast and that they would still “fast” even though they haven’t had a meal in days. Look at the love they have for Allah (SWT) look how much they want to please their Lord. Now compare this to yourself. We couldn’t even imagine being in such poverty let alone thinking to fast when being in such a state. We all will have days when fasting may be difficult but just let that be a reminder to yourself of one of the reasons why we fast. The only difference is that you would eventually be able to stuff your face with samosas at iftar while others would be lucky enough to get a glass of clean water.

Let this month be a reminder to us all

Let this month allow us to appreciate the things and people you have around you. Tell people how much you appreciate them because only Allah knows if they’re meant to stay in your future so tell them while they’re still in your present.

Let this month allow us to draw closer to Allah (SWT)

Let this month allow us to become better human beings

(…I could go on and on with this)

Let this month allow us to change for the better and may we continue on the straight path

Ah, so yeah.

That’s it.

I will have a more “planned” and a more “proper” post tomorrow or the day after Inshallah 😀

So, anyway.




I doubt I made sense but whatever lol.


Salaam. Peace. Shalom etc etc.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo, day one is done and dusted on for day two!

I need who ever reads this to give me suggestions on topics. I honestly just have a topic or two in mind and that’s it! A bit daft to be honest soooo I would like to know what YOU yes YOU would like to read! Soo feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me @FattyDx إن شاء الله

Oh and by the way it’ll be hard for me to blog everyday but I will blog as often as I can  إن شاء الله

Hope your fast went well 🙂



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Ramadhan Mubarak 🙂

May this month bring us all closer to Allah (SWT) and may He continue to guide us on the straight path.

Amongst the crazy heat and the need for a sip or two or three of water and all the complaining let that be a remind for us as to why we fast. There’s thousands and thousands of people who’s day to day lives are like this. What we are going to go through is a small fraction of what they go through daily. Let this month humble us and let this month remind us of those less fortunate and bring us closer to Allah (SWT) Insha’Allah.

Don’t worry I’m not going to go on with the same sayings that go around each year but I ask of you for few things and that is to:

  • Remember those fathers, brothers, uncles, suffering in Guantanamo Bay
  • Remember the child who has lost his/her hero – his/ her father
  • Remember the mother who has lost her precious little gem, her child.
  • Remember the wife who has lost her love, her husband.
  • Remember the mothers and sisters who are being sexually abused by Assads men
  • Remember the people of Ash-Shaam

Remember the  Ummah of Mohammad (SAW) in your duas 

(…and not to eat too many samosas)

I failed at blogging last year sooooooooooooooooooooooo…. Tell me what you want me to blog about because it makes my life easier some what lol.

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But anyway

Hope this month is a blessed month for you all and may Allah (SWT) make it easy for us Inshallah

I didn’t waffle as much as I use to! I guess thats a good thing. Haha.





RAMADHAN IS OVER! it just flew by! Insha’Allah we live to experience another one, because who knows if we’ll be here tomorrow let alone next year. 

I was going to post a post but I got busy and lazy! BUT Insha’Allah there will be a new post this week sometime so be sure to come and check that out.

and yeah…

EID MUBARAK! May Allah (SWT) fill your homes with happiness and joy and may you all have a wonderful day Insha’Allah 🙂

We’ll all put all the weight we lost during Ramadhan back on in one single day. Well, I know I probably will haha.

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Enjoy your day 😀


– me 




ANOTHER POST! I was thinking I’ll continue after Ramadhan because I kinda failed at blogging this year! Oh and before I forget Jazakallah to everyone for their awesome feedback and for taking time out to read my previous post! I truly appreciate it all 🙂


This month is flying can’t we just catch it? no? okay, fine.

So, the last 10 days are here and the night of Qadr can be on one of the odd nights. Man, this month has flown and it’s gone too quick. So tonight is one of the odd nights and here is an extract from a post I wrote last year:

“Tonight is one of the odd nights, who knows if today was the night of power?  I’m not gonna go into the whole thing about the 27th night because I can’t be asked. I just think we should do as much Ibaadah as we can on all the odd nights because only Allah knows when Laylatul Qadr actually is, all we know it’s one of the odd nights on the last ten days. So remember me and the entire ummah in your Dua’s Inshallah. Hopefully you’ve made enough ibaadah or tried to do as much as you can during this month because no other month has the blessing like this month does. If you’ve wasted time – I know that I have :( , we should cherish these last few days, because only Allah (SWT) knows if we’re gonna be here to experience another Ramadhan. We should try to do as much Ibaadah and read as much Quran as we can. The blessing during this month is immense and we should utilise these last few days as much as possible…” who knows if we’ll be here next year to experience another blessed month?

if you wish to go read that post than here is the link https://fatimaxd.wordpress.com/2011/08/26/day-2425-possibly-26/

It is mentioned in a Hadith that if Allah wanted, he would have informed us as to when this night will fall. But because of some wisdom known only to Him, He did not inform us. So search for this night in the last seven nights of Ramadaan. In other words, there is a high possibility of experiencing this night in one of these seven nights. Searching for this night means that we have to remain awake and engage ourselves in ibaadah in these seven nights, perhaps we will be blessed with this night

ref: http://www.jamiat.co.za/ramadan/lailatul_qadr_virtues.htm (Just realised that link doesn’t work anymore!)

So the Night of Power – Laylatul Qadr. What is it? On one of the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadhan the blessed Quran was revealed to Muhammad (SAW) this night is better than a thousand months! So, During these last 10 nights lets try and do as much ibaadah as we can and lets remember the Muslims being massacred all around the world, lets ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness because we are all so sinful and He is all Forgiving.

A’isha said: “I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah (SAW) if I know which night is Laylatul-Qadr, what should I say on that night?’

He said, Say:

اَللَّهُمَّ اِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ ، تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي

O Allah, You are forgiving and You love forgiveness, so forgive me


There’s only a few nights left of Ramadhan and who knows if we’ll be here again next year to experience another one, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so who knows about next year? Forgive those who have wronged you, honestly holding a grudge just gets boring and pointless, let Allah (SWT) deal with them. If you want Allah (SWT) to forgive you isn’t it your right to forgive those who have wronged you?

As you may know Muslims are being killed all around the world, Syria, Burma, Palestine, Kashmir just to name a few BUT not a single clip showed on national television, nor a single toss given by any government, human rights organisations, nothing. Why?  What has more worth winning a medal or the life of a human? The olympics is being broadcasted ALL over the globe! but not a single headline about the killings of lives in Burma. Clearly the life of a human has no worth to these people.   When a “soldier” gets killed it gets instant news coverage, what about the innocent lives being lost daily? what about the lives these “soldiers” have taken? What about the governments killing their own people? shouldn’t we as humans and as MUSLIMS try and do something about it? shouldn’t we remember them in our duas, and do what we can to help? and it is out right to make dua for OUR ummah! The ummah of Muhammad (SAW).

Spare a minute or two and watch this:

and then watch this:

They’re wiping away the Muslims, they’re wiping away a part of the Ummah! Shouldn’t we spare a thought for them? Shouldn’t we care? Shouldn’t we do whatever we can? What if Muhammad (SAW) was alive today and saw the state of the ummah? What would he say and what would he think? He (SAW) described the ummah as one body:

The Ummah are like the limbs of a man, where if the eye hurts the whole body feels pain and if the head hurts, the whole body feels pain and suffering.

Why doesnt our hearts bleed when we see what people are going through? Why, we see pictures and videos of mass killings, of bombs being dropped, of a mother crying over the body of her dead child, of bodies covered in nothing but blood. Why? Why are so caught up in the dunya that we forget we are all part of one body, one ummah? We don’t even spare a thought for the people who are facing such hardship.  Why are our hearts so hard? Why are we so caught up and selfish?  Who knows tomorrow that could be us, and we’ll be in dire need of the dua of our fellow Muslims!   Keeping these people in our duas is the least we can do and Inshallah our duas will be answered.

May His Immense blessing and mercy be showered upon those who are being oppressed, may He (SWT) change their hardships into ease. May He unite the ummah and keep us on the straight path.


– me



Guess who’s back, back again LOL (will be explained in another post) well no let me explain now! Honestly I’ve been meaning to start blogging from back in February then couple of week back but I never did! Only decided yesterday to start posting because I got a few messages from people asking if I was and I though heck let me just start posting! So that’s kind of it in a nutshell! I won’t be posting everyday like last year though because that was a bit much but Inshallah I’ll be posting as often as I can! If you didn’t follow my blog from last year be sure to check out the old posts Inshallah!

ANYWAY! Let’s get into this!

Alhamdulillah we’ve been blessed to experience ANOTHER Ramadan! What a blessing! We have everything to be grateful for because there are people who were with us last Ramadan you aren’t here with us today to experience this one!

Always appreciate things that you have whether it is an object, your life, food, money, people, the slightest and smallest thing because you can wake up tomorrow and not have it. You may lose what you once had and it’ll just be a memory. Appreciate your life and be grateful to Allah for being alive today to be breathing, to be healthy, there’s people out there who are dying to live, there’s people who are breathing their last breath, there’s people who don’t know if they’re going survive the next day because of the state of their country. Look at what’s happening to the people of Palestine, Syria, and Afghanistan to name a few. We always as humans are never happy with what we have. We always want more, or what someone else has. You don’t know their journey. You don’t know where it’s going to lead to.

Right now, sit back and think about all the blessings which are around you no matter how rough things may be just look around you and think, you have a family, you have a roof over your head, you know when you’re going have your next meal, you have a fridge full of food. You have people who love and cherish you. Whatever it may be imagine how life would be without it? What if those things were taken from you? (God forbid) but just imagine your life without those things. How different your life would be? I know mine would be the total opposite to what it is. I’m grateful for the life that I have, despite things not being perfect but I’m grateful. How long does it take to raise your hands to your lord and just be grateful for what you have?

We get blinded and so lost in our own world when things aren’t right or going the way we want, we feel like the whole world is coming down on us, but it isn’t. We over analyse, we over think – especially if you’re a girl. We become so blinded when things are rough but remember Allah (SWT) only burdens with what you can bare. You may say that you give up, what is giving up? Remember life’s a test so whenever things are rough just raise your hands to your Lord and pour your heart out. Believe me you’ll feel relieved like a load has been lifted from your chest. Your heart will feel at ease. Dua is the weapon of a believer. When things aren’t going the way we want, we get angry, upset, depressed etc but we never think it never was supposed to go the way we wanted it to, it was going to go the way He planned it to. Last year things didn’t go the way I want, I dropped out of uni, my life felt like it was a mess and there was no point. Never ever did I think I’ll be in that situation, I had it all planned out, 4 years at uni finish when I’m 22, work yada yada yada but there’s a reason that happened it wasn’t in my fate. Allah (SWT) had something better planned. Never be ungrateful for the life you have and never abuse it because someone somewhere would die to have your life. Remember your life in itself is a blessing. All we have to do is have sabr when things are tough. No matter how cliché or hard it is but we do and Inshallah things would fall into place the way they’re planned to. You and I both get blinded and never realise what’s around us, we never see the door which opened when one had closed. We don’t see that there may be goodness in what happened. Remember Allah SWT is the best of planners. Our fate is written, the pen has been lifted and the scrolls have dried. The problem is that we never take a step back and look at what’s in front of us because we focus so much on what’s not going right. Take a look at the things that are, look at the blessings around you. You will be overwhelmed by the mercy and blessing surrounding you. When things aren’t right don’t worry Allah (SWT) is with you and eventually things would work out the way He has planned.

Without Allah you and I we’re nothing. He’s the one who has showered his mercy and happiness and everything that we have upon us. It’s our right as believers to be grateful because everything can be taken away from us at the blink of an eye. Take a minute and think and be grateful despite what things may be like. Life’s not a straight road, it has bumps and turns but it shouldn’t make you ungrateful for what you do have. Remember the trials and tests you go through are what make you. When you’re going through a rough patch it is a lesson, some goodness will come out of it no matter how big or small it may be. Hardships change everyone, we’ve all been through something that’s changed us. We aren’t all the same people we were a few years ago, why? Because life happens and it’s not all smiles no there will be tears and break downs, but you just come back a stronger individual. Also remember when things are going right and you’re totally happy with life don’t forget to appreciate what you have. Sometimes we get caught up, but remember who gave you what you have been blessed with. He who gave it to you can take it away from you within an instant. Never ever be ungrateful for something because wallah there’s millions across the globe who would dream to have what you do.

We forget the value of the people in our lives whether it be our parents, family or friends. We take advantage of it because we know they’ll always be there. But we never think we’ll ever lose them because we can’t bear the thought or it never crosses our minds, but when they do leave us is when we realise their real worth and we wish we had appreciated them and told them what they meant to us. We’ve got to learn to always appreciate the people who we have in our lives tell them you love them tell them what they mean to you because only Allah knows if they’re meant to stay in your life or not. People will always come and go but the ones who are meant to stay will no matter what even if you go through hell and back! Some people leave but they always find a way back because they’re meant to, because they’re destined to. It’s all part of a bigger plan, a bigger picture. Each and every person in our lives changes us. Some people change for the worse and they need to find their way back and change the people they have in their life, but some people change us for the better. They cause us to think twice, they bring us closer to Allah (SWT) they remind you of the things in life which matter. That and those are the people you need in your life because I swear others will just knock you down and will be those “so called” friends who will try bring you down along with them – you don’t need them in your life even if it means you have no one because you have the Greatest beside your side, you have Allah (SWT) and He is all you need. You’ve just got to learn to call upon him with heart and sincerity. I know what it feels like to feel like you’re alone, but once you raise your hands in dua all of that changes. You will feel content Inshallah.

I have people in my life who mean the world to me, and I could name them on just one hand. Call me a loner but I know those people would never disappoint me. If you remember from last year I wrote about my best mate (link: http://wp.me/p1JS53-3x) and I can say now she’s back from South Africa not one thing has changed and wallah I’m so grateful because when someone is so far away you always have a fear of things changing. That’s the thing about someone being so far away you have a fear of things changing but you’re reminded of how much love you have for them and how well you know one another that no matter what nothing will change. Yes, sometimes I feel alone but I remind myself that all I need to do is raise my hands to my lord and he will always be there. Allah (SWT) is always there we just need to call upon him. What I’ve learnt over the past year till now is that distance doesn’t change a thing, if the person means something to you it doesn’t, not one bit. I have another person who’s close to me but lives on the opposite end of England and it’s exactly how I have friends who live in London if not even better. Distance doesnt mean a thing, honestly it just ends up as a bunch of numbers. You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this, right. The reason why I wrote all of this is that eventually you realise the people you need in your life, the people who will be there no matter what and you need to appreciate them and I swear to you telling someone you appreciate them can make there day.

One final thing never value your ego over your relationships, ever. You’ll just hurt the other person; it doesn’t kill you to admit you’re wrong and that you’re sorry. Yes we hurt people we’re not meant to but if they meant something to you you’d fight to keep them in your life because you can’t imagine losing them. Also forgive people, even if you think they don’t deserve it.

“We want to be forgiven by the Lord of the worlds for the countless wrongs we do every day, and yet we are unwilling to forgive others for any wrong done to us.” – Yasmin Mogahed

The prophet (SAW) forgave the people who wronged him and the people of his time did some horrendous things and we won’t forgive people for doing the slightest thing to us? Remember no one stays, eventually people leave, people return to their Lord so love and cherish them while you still have them in your life while they’re still with you.

Half of this may or may have made sense I apologise! But I swear we are so ungrateful, we need to appreciate what we have been blessed with. Our nightmare is another man’s dream. Never be ungrateful, ever. We have no right to be. Allah (SWT) blesses us each and every day, with the love of our parents, by having fresh CLEAN water to drink, by having promised meals each day. Think of the small but mighty blessings you have like clean water, it’s an essential need of every human it’s the blessing of Allah and there’s plenty around the word dying from drinking contaminated water, yet we waste so much. Think we need to think and be so grateful. We need to learn not to take advantage of people and not to treat them the wrong way when they deserve to be part of your life; they’re there for a reason – to teach you, to break you, to help you whatever it may be there’s a reason.

Blah blah I rambled so much hah I hope I made sense, probably not but ya’know.

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